The best hotels in cairo near the pyramids

There is something beautiful about staying in the city of Cairo so we crafted a list of the best hotels for you.

Visiting Egypt is one of the most exciting things that all the world look up to do and spending your time in the right hotels makes your vacation worthwhile, here we are recommending for you the best hotels in Cairo near the pyramids that will provide with a great experience of luxury, comfort and a pleasant stay that will be embedded forever in your memory.


  • Marriot Mena House

With a 40 acres of green area, you will find there all kinds of services from spa, fitness center, pools to almost anything, and it’s not just that it’s a top of the list hotel, this hotel has also a great historical background and almost all of the famous figures have been there 

Danining is served with a variety of choices of the finest foods, cookatils. 

Pyramids is very close to the hotel so you can organize a camel ride with concierge 


  1. Le Méridian pyramids hotel and spa 

A strategic 5 stars hotel that is 1 km away from the pyramids, you will have a majestic experience that is unforgettable, the hotel has a luxurious swimming pool, bicycle rental, evening entertainment, WiFi all over the place and almost all the commodities, 

And it’s one of the most recommended by visitors

hotels in cairo near the pyramids

  1. Mecure Cairo le sphinx 

At the foot of the giza pyramids, this 5 stars 3000 feet square grandiose hotel is located, the hotel has all the amenities that will make you feel that you are in a paradise on earth beside the sense of history, wonder and comfort.

hotels near the pyramids

  1. Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah 

Located in a very special location in Gezirah island overlooking the Nile and near downtown cairo.

the cylindrical shaped hotel and inspired art de vivir gives you a delightful French experience with all the French luxury style and services that you can expect and it’s just a couple of miles away from the pyramids.

cairo hotels

  1. Four seasons hotel 

On the western banks of the nile, the reputable hotel overlooks a mesmerising scenery, the location facilitate any kind of visits to the best historical sites of cairo like giza plateau, Egyptian museum and citadel of cairo, this Hotel also provides a fabulous services that will fulfill the criteria of the dream vacation. 


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